Welcome to Penguin Bytes Productions.

Starting in 2008 with the launch of my personal blog, Banal Leakage, I started a process that would allow me to publish my ideas, rants and thoughts into posts that covered everything from my favorite music and movies, political stances, travel summaries and shared parts of my life in general.

As I started my interest in filming, both Scooter Sunday and Snowy Sunday were created. These 2 – 5 minute videos allow me to explore by growing skills in film and editing that show my humorous, yet creative side.

In late 2010, Scooter Sunday moved to it’s own domain, allowing me to dedicate a site solely for the two-wheeled videos.

Launched in September 2012 is Adult Beverages, which covers all things booze, drinking, bar tending, serving and consuming alcoholic beverages, with drink recipes and a video podcast coming in the first part of 2013.

I have several more ideas in the works, including a new site: Change Your Commute, which is still in the development stages. It’s focus is on alternative forms of transportation like electric vehicles, mass transit, light rail, biking and other forms other than the internal combustion engine.

I will update this About page when I have added to the sites and projects. Stick around and see what happens.

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