CES 2012 – Day 1 – Ultrabooks

CES 2012 crowds

Day one of CES 2012 was packed.  Hard to walk anywhere most of the day, but I fought the crowds and made some nice discoveries in the ultrabook category.

lenovo u300s

Ultrabooks are one of the most talked about gadgets this year and there was no shortage of them.  Lenovo has a strong contender with the U300S.  Just under 3 lbs, it’s a light and speedy portable that make for an easy to carry anywhere.

hp folio

Don’t confuse the name HP chose for their ultrabook. This is not anything close to the DOA Palm netbook from a few years ago. First off, the spelling is different (smart move, HP) and it’s running Windows not an OEM operating system. This sturdy lightweight has got a dual core processor, 4gb of RAM and a bright screen and had a soft rubber backing on the bottom for easy handling.

samsung ub900

Samsung’s 900 series ultrabook is an all aluminum case, a comfortable keyboard and a clear display that’s easy on the eyes for the 7 hours of battery life this portable gives out.


Toshiba’s ultrabook is 2.5 lbs – one of the lightest of the bunch – and with a 13-inch screen that appears to be flimsy, but it’s not… just thin and clear and built tough.  The keyboard and trackpad were one of the better ones of the bunch.

As a Mac guy, I don’t see myself switching to any of these ultrabooks (my heart is set on the MacBook Air), but if you are a Windows person and need a capable laptop to take with you pretty much anywhere, I highly recommend these models, based on my time with them at the show.

I will have more coverage of all that I saw at CES once I return home both here and over on Banal Leakage.

Going To CES 2012 in Las Vegas

CES 2011

It’s that time of the year and while I didn’t post much from the 2011 CES show, I am going back again this year to see what’s new and exciting in the world of consumer electronics.

Cameras and ultrabooks are my main focus this year and I hope to post at least a few updates here of what I find that I consider useful and cool.

The show is Tuesday Jan 10th thru Friday Jan 13th.  I will be attending the first 3 days, plus a few events at night.